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Massive Moose Collapses On Lowe’s Parking Lot And Spends 9 Hours There. Then People Saw A Rare Scene.

One moose in Anchorage, AK, treated the customers at Lowes to a special treat. It happened in June 2016. The mother moose decided to wander through the parking lot at the home improvement store. Then she decided to drop down and give birth! Yes, right in the parking lot! Employees from Lowes fenced off an area around her to give her some space, but privacy wasn’t in the cards.

Curious customers couldn’t help but to stop and watch the momma moose and her newborn. One woman who has lived in Alaska for 50 years said she has never seen anything quite like that before! The mother moose and her baby stayed in the parking lot for about nine hours before getting up and moving on. Watch the incredible video below!

Take a look at this video

Welcome to the world, little one! Thank you, momma, for sharing your baby with us! Share away, people!