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Heartless Monster Intentionally Removes Stray Dog’s Eye To Cause Him Pain

This is the horrific tale of a stray dog in Texas named Leo, who was found by local animal control. Staff noticed that Leo was missing an eye – and it had been deliberately removed by someone! Leo was found covered in blood, with streaks streaming down from his face.

Animal Control decided to hand Leo in to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, to see if they could help the young Labrador out. Leo had no owner and no home – he lived a rough life on the streets prior to the horrific incident which caused him to be partially blind, permanently.

Image Credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

His eye was ripped out of his eye socket, causing him extreme pain and a traumatic memory. Leo has also became extremely timid and hand-shy, and flinches whenever a human comes near him. Furthermore, he is also suffering from a disease caused by tick bites.

Image Credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Leo’s life remains in critical condition, with his abuser still walking the streets. Donate to help dogs like Leo today!

Image Credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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