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To ‘Experiment’ On Emotions, This Show Forced Monkeys To Mourn Over Dead Robot Monkey

In the clip you’re about to see by BBC’s show called ‘Spy In The Wild’, you’ll definitely be filled with mixed emotions. Sometimes media does take it a tad bit too far, I think. The crew placed a fake robot baby monkey in the enclosure of Langur monkeys. This baby monkey had camera eyes and I assume they were spying the enclosure to record emotions, perhaps.

All the monkeys saw the fake baby sitting on the log, but no one had the courage enough to near it. Then one monkey decided to babysit the fake robot only to accidentally drop it on the ground. Naturally the robot wasn’t going to move, so it lay still, but the real monkeys were devastated. They thought their new baby was ‘dead’.

Take a look at this video

I don’t think people should really experiment with animal feelings or emotions, because you can see from the clip, those poor monkeys were traumatized. This isn’t fair. What do you think?