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Monkey Refuses To Leave Dying Friend Behind, Then Stuns Bystanders By Bringing Him Back To Life

What you are about to witness is pure love. Love for your fellow – um, monkey. The people in Kanpur, India were all shocked to see one monkey risk his life for another monkey. One monkey had been electrocuted by the rails and was knocked unconscious. Instead of just running away one fellow monkey grabbed his friend’s arm worked to get him to wake up.

He first tried to roll him around, then he bit at him (very violently, I may add). He was clearly desperate to get his friend to wake up. Then the unconscious monkey was thrown in the water! Finally, all his efforts were rewarded! It took more than 20 minutes, though! Can you imagine watching that scene unfold?

Take a look at this video

That would have certainly been the story of the day at work! The bottom line here is that you should never give up! Keep trying and pushing forward! Share away, people!