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Woman Who Wanted To Be The ‘Fattest Woman In The World’ Turns Her Life Around After Falling Pregnant

Monica Riley had a goal in life to become the world’s biggest woman.

She ate over 10,000 calories every day to reach that goal. Riley’s fiancé, Sid, would feed her and encouraged her unhealthy ways.

Monica had been diagnosed as morbidly obese when and weighed 700 pounds -but that didn’t stop her from trying to get pregnant!

She had been pregnant twice before, but they both ended in miscarriage.

Monica is pregnant for the third time – the couple wants this baby, and happily, they are making changes to give the baby a better chance at survival!

The video below is Monica’s first ultrasound – they want to see if the baby is healthy or not.

Monica’s weight is a big factor in the baby’s health.

Watch and see what happens

Monica is finally willing to change herself to help her unborn child.

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