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Panda Keeps Everyone In Suspense By Not Accepting Her Newborn

It’s wonderful to behold the love between a mother and her child, but there are some unfortunate situations where the bond is not immediately strong.

Sometimes mothers don’t have the typical feelings for their newborns, and this is sometimes because of extenuating circumstances that interfere with the bonding process.

Regardless of the reason, when this happens, it’s always disturbing.

Sometimes when a mother is devoid of feelings for her child, the infant is left to fend for its own survival.

Because of this, the staff at a local zoo were concerned about Min-Min, a panda who had recently given birth to a tiny baby cub.

It’s customary for zoo attendants to leave a mother panda with her baby after birth, but in this case, there were concerns about the baby’s health.

The zoo specialists ran some medical exams to find out if there were any serious health problems with the baby.

However, by removing the baby so soon after birth, they knew there was a risk of damaging the bonding process that occurs between the mother and the newborn.

The medical team was concerned that Min-Min might not recognize her offspring because it would emit different smells after being taken to the medical facility.

Unfortunately, there was no other choice because the alternative was that the baby could possibly die.

The tests concluded that the baby was okay, so they quickly brought it back to the mother panda.

As they feared, there was no immediate sense of joy from the mother, and she was indifferent toward her baby.

The zoo personnel held the tiny panda cub in front of Min-Min. The cub wanted its mom and desperately cried out to Min-Min.

The zookeepers were growing more concerned as the mother continued to ignore the baby.

However, after a few moments, the mother’s maternal instincts kicked in, and she approached her cub.

The love between the two was apparent as the mother took her baby to a safe corner of the room and began to cuddle and express affection to her.

After witnessing the rekindled bond between the pandas, the zoo staff were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.