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Mom Attaches Zip Ties To The Front Wheel Of Her Baby Stroller For Brilliant Reason

Baby strollers can be life savers! We all know our little ones have endless energy – until they collapse, and who wants to carry a toddler for hours? Along with having a baby comes all of their ‘stuff,’ diapers, bottles, toys, and extra clothes! The stroller can handle all of that too! Whats Up Moms is known for sharing tips and tricks about childcare, and in this video, they share ideas about how to make your stroller even more helpful!

If your stroller didn’t come with a cup holder, you could make one using a shoe organizer! Ever try to put heavy bags on the stroller but know that it will tip over? Well, watch and learn how to prevent the dreaded tip over! A genius idea for remembering how to collapse and unfold the stroller! What do you do with your stroller when you are at home? Watch and learn!

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This is incredibly helpful, don’t you think? I bet most of us didn’t even know this. Go ahead!

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