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Mom With Her Kids Smiles As She Burns House Down, Gives Just 1 Simple Reason Why She Did It

Once he was behind bars, Harrell’s house went into foreclosure and the bank ultimately transfered proprietary rights to the Somer Thompson Foundation. The Foundation then donated the home to the Orange Park Fire department – for training purposes.

The fire department allowed Thompson and her children partake in the destruction of the home.

mom burns house down

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They helped to start the fire and then the firefighters worked to put it out. Thompson said she said it was going to feel good to drive through the neighborhood and not see that house any longer.

mom burns house down

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Chief Ty Silcox said the burning of the house was emotional. The community is ready to start the healing process, and by getting rid of the house, they can begin.

mom burns house down

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Personally, I think this was a great idea! Share away, people.