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Mom Says Warden Picked Up Family Dog Then Son Sees Picture And Starts Laughing

Duey, the family dog, went missing in Grafton, Ohio. Terri Squires, Duey’s mom saw photos of two dogs that had been found by the Warden on Facebook, so she sent a text message to her seventeen-year-old son Jeff.

Now, we all know that text messages are convenient and quick. So, it is important to answer your text messages, especially if your dog goes missing. Duey tends to go missing each year around the Fourth of July because of the fireworks.

Many dogs are afraid of the noise fireworks make and they run away. Unfortunate, Duey did run away, but the picture Terri saw on Facebook wasn’t Duey – not even close!

It seems like Terri has no idea what poor Duey looks like! On top of that, she didn’t even spell his name right in the text.