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Mom Is On The Verge Of Tears After Seeing The Stick Her Dog Wants To Take Home

Some dogs are obsessed with playing fetch. It is remarkable how many different objects me and my dog have played fetch with over the years. My dog doesn’t care what I throw, she will fetch it! Molly, the dog in this video, has found the best stick ever to play with. Well, it isn’t so much a stick as it is the branch of a tree!

It is no ordinary stick as you are about to see. Molly worked very hard to drag that precious ‘stick’ all the way home! Mom is beside herself with laughter as Molly drags her prize down the street! Molly probably knew that this branch would offer years of entertainment – how many sticks could she get out of it?!

Take a look at this video

As to mom’s question at the end (“Are you impressed with yourself?”). It is safe to say that the answer is a resounding YES!

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