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Mom Starts Singing, But It’s The Baby’s Reaction That’s Breaking The Internet!

Sometimes, you can look at someone’s face, and you can tell what they are feeling. If their brow is furrowed and they have a stern glare in their eyes, it is probably best to stay away! If they put one hand under their chin and have a peaceful, loving look on their face, it is safe to say they are either smitten or very, very happy!

The little girls in this video are radiating pure love and contentment as she listened to her mom sing! Despite being so young, the baby is able to focus on mom the entire time! ABC News reported that babies show a preference for their mother’s voice both in the womb and after birth.

Watch the video and prepare to experience cuteness overload!

There is nothing quite like your mom’s voice to help you relax when you are an infant!

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