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Mom Hits Record When She Spots Garbageman Picking Up Her Kid. Then She Posts It Online

Sanitation workers are a necessity. They are vital in our communities. Gray, sixteen-months-old, is absolutely fascinated with his neighborhood sanitation workers. The huge truck brings a smile to many children’s faces! Gray and his parents live in Baton Rouge and their sanitation worker, Mr. Anthony, is somewhat of a hero to Gray.

Gray and Mr. Anthony have been friends since Gray was 5-months-old. Shelley Guidry, Gary’s mom, posted a video of Gray helping Mr. Anthony do his work! Ryan Guidry, Gray’s father, posted a message of praise for Mr. Anthony on his Facebook too.

Shelley said that Mr. Anthony will sometimes stop and play with Gray for a few minutes. They have drawn with chalk together and played with cars. This is what community is, people. Coming together to spend a few minutes of your busy day with someone else.

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