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Mom Snaps Picture Of Exhausted 7-Year-Old, Friend Notices Her Leg And Immediately Shares It

Is your mother your favourite superhero? Being a housewife and raising several children is no easy task.

Cleaning and maintain cleanliness of the house, ensuring the children and well-fed and happy and the list goes on.

The work seems to never end, it is more tiring than simply going out to work and come back home. All mothers should deserve some recognition for their hard work!

Introducing Sam, a mother of five children. Her oldest child, Lainie, who is only seven years old, constantly helps her mother out to take care of her other four younger siblings like an older sister should.

One Halloween, where everyone will be choosing their favourite superheroes to dress up, Lainie had a unique choice!

Using her dolls, some makeup and a custom homemade costume, her Halloween choice was an “Exhausted Mother”!

It is a sign that Lainie knows her mother’s efforts and how constantly worn out she is.

Image Credit: Sam Jess / Facebook

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