When Christina Kokonis-Viggers and Amanda Lasher were at a Sam’s Club wholesale store, they noticed a karaoke machine sitting out in the open.

Christina glanced around and decided to do something so shocking that Amanda wasn’t sure how to react!

Image Credit: Facebook/Amanda Lasher

So she did the only thing she could – she whipped out her phone!

Christina started up the karaoke machine and set up “Maybe This Time”, a sound from a musical called Cabaret.

Without hesitation, she began to sing out loud, her voice echoing across the store.

Image Credit: Facebook/Amanda Lasher

It wasn’t long before shoppers were stopping to listen in as they heard her belting in a beautiful, incredible voice!

Amanda said that everyone was amazed by Christina’s talent and that she received huge applause after.

Image Credit: Facebook/Amanda Lasher

Amanda decided to post the video on Facebook, feeling pretty certain that it would go viral. Christina didn’t think it would – but now, it’s been viewed more than 14 million times!

So many comments left on the video have expressed wanting to hear more of Christina’s gorgeous voice, and here’s hoping she decided to release music for her steadily growing fanbase soon!