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Britain’s Smallest Couple Are Celebrating After Welcoming A Second Child

The human DNA is a wondrous thing and can be the source of a ton of genetic variation that can be seen in the human species.

Most of the time, these variations often end up causing great difficulty for the person, as the infrastructure in modern society often only caters to such people as an afterthought.

For those who are suffering from some form of dwarfism, their physical condition often lends well to small-time acting careers, since there will always be a demand for actors to play dwarves and the like in fantasy!

A medical condition that is often favored in dog-breeding to produce smaller and smaller pups, dwarfism in humans can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Most commonly, however, it is recognized as a medical condition that is caused by genetics.

There is no singular gene that causes dwarfism – rather there are multiple different types of dwarfism that are caused by their own respective genes.

Alternatively, the dwarfism can be caused by a bone growth disorder or a hormone disorder.

Either way, they often lead to the same result – a human person who at their very tallest will average about 4 feet and 10 inches.

Laura and Nathan Phillips – who are 4 ft 1 and 3ft 11 respectively – are a couple that made headlines in 2016 for being the smallest couple in Britain.

Then later, they ended up headlining news yet again when they delivered their first son, Nathan Jr.

This time, they are in the news once more.

The reason?

Laura has just delivered yet another child successfully.

To fully understand just how wonderful this news is, it must be understood that the couple both have different forms of genetics-based dwarfism.

So when Nathan Jr was first born, it was discovered that he had inherited both forms of dwarfism – in other words, the boy is a “double dwarf”.

His chances of survival were predicted to be very low, but Nathan Jr has defied all odds and is now thriving.

When the couple had another child then, it was suspected that the baby would also be like his brother.

This is an understandable suspicion, as the then unborn baby had a 1 in 4 chance of inheriting either one of the dwarfism types, both or none.

All was answered, however, in September of 2018, when Jax Phillips was finally born.

It was a bit of a scary situation in the delivery room when Jax first arrived in this world.

Due to the anesthetic, Laura was under, Jax was exhausted upon delivery and was unable to breathe by himself.

Luckily, the boy was successfully resuscitated and then treated for jaundice and other infections.

He has since then proven himself to be yet another miracle child like his older brother and is doing fairly well.

Medical tests since then have also proved that he has only inherited his mother’s achondroplasia.

As of present, dwarfism is still often the butt of many insensitive jokes all over the world.

Hopefully, these two beautiful boys will be able to do well and live a life free of discrimination.