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Baby Was Falling Towards Death Off 30 Ft Bridge, But Mom’s Superhuman Reaction Stuns Rescuers

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We have seen some momma dogs save their babies from fires and human beings doing amazing things to free their fellow man or an animal in need. The hero of this story is the mother of an 8-month old child. In Waco, Texas, Jennifer Duncan, 23, was in a car accident.

She pulled over and took her son, Daniel, out of his car seat. She stood where she thought she would be safe – but no. Another car crashed into a car near them and Jennifer and Daniel were thrown over the side of the bridge. As they fell, Jennifer wrapped her body around Daniel. Her main concern was keeping him safe. She did.

Take a look at this video

Daniel didn’t suffer any injuries. Jennifer’s pelvis was shattered, both legs were broken, and she has nine broken bones in her neck. But she’s happy her son’s not injured. What a hero! Share away, people.