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Mom Is Surprised When Her Son Won’t Enter School After Being Dropped Off, Then She Realizes Why

In the news, we have our so-called sports ‘heroes’ not showing respect as the national anthem is being played before they play. Those men are not heroes – we shouldn’t look up to them or aspire to be like them. We all need to be like Royce Thompson, and he is just five years old.

Royce goes to school in at Roy J Wollam Elementary school in Santa Fe, Texas. One morning in September 2016, his mother, Heather Nelson, was running late and urged her son to hurry to get into the building on time. Then all of a sudden, just outside the doors – Royce froze.

Heather was rather confused as to why her son just stopped, most of the other kids were rushing past him.

But then a school police officer, Cibby Moore, appeared and explained to Heather what was happening.

Royce heard the Pledge of Allegiance as approached the school and he knew that he had to stop and show his respect. Heather posted this picture of her son on Facebook. As you can imagine, she was very proud.