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Mom Posts About Horrifying ‘Help Wanted’ Trap That Could Be Connected To Human Trafficking

When you need a job, you look around to see if you can find a “help wanted” sign. Most often these signs are hanging in the window of the establishment that is hiring people. You can simply walk in and apply for the job. Easy Peasy.

Sometimes all you see is a sign along the side of the road that just has a phone number and promises to pay top dollar – but you don’t know what the job entails. You have to be really careful about responding to those, they may have ties to human trafficking.

The signs are popping up around the nation and are targeting teens and adults. A woman named Danielle Thompson, from Wichita, Kansas recently saw a sign and wrote a post on Facebook.

Thompson’s post went viral and was shared over 411,000 times! Human trafficking isn’t just something you see in the movies or read about in books, it is a very real thing.