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Mom Hears Breathing And Moaning Inside Garage, Then Sees 400-Pound Black Bear At Her Car Window

Lions, tigers, and bears – all of those things will strike fear in the heart of anyone who has to face one up close. Just ask Deneille Backstrom from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She came back to her house after dropping off her kids at the babysitter to find a huge 400-pound black bear in the garage!

Denielle said she could hear heavy breathing and moaning before she saw the bear. She had the presence of mind to pull out her camera and record the entire encounter! She was trapped in her car with little room to do anything to help herself. She tried to move the car and honk the horn, but the bear didn’t seem to be bothered by her efforts.

Take a look at this video

Luckily, the bear ended up just wandering off on his own! But, he did make a mess in the garage and checked the fridge for leftovers!

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