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Mom Brings 4-Month-Old On Long Flight And Hands Out ‘Baggies’ To Passengers

There is nothing easy about taking care of a newborn baby.

From crying throughout the night to needing diaper changes multiple times per day, looking after babies is a difficult process.

These issues are exacerbated when a mother has to take a child to another country in a plane full of people.

One mother found herself in that exact situation.

She boarded a flight with her baby to travel across the world.

The mother was nervous that her newborn would disturb other passengers by crying and being loud.

To help ease the potential tension, she walked around and handed out gifts to all of the passengers.

Dave Corona was prepping for a long flight back home to San Francisco from South Korea.

The flight was to last ten hours, and there were several hundred passengers.

Dave, along with fellow passengers, expected to hear some fussing from the young baby during the flight.

The crew could not have suspected how the mother would prep the entire cabin.

She walked around and handed a small baggie to each passenger.

The bags were full of earplugs and Korean candies.

The mother also placed a note in each bag that described her predicament.

All of the passengers were moved by the kind gesture.

After all, not many parents make such a kind gesture to fellow travelers.

As luck would have it, Dave was working as a cameraman in California.

He captured photos of the candy bags, the personal note and the mother attending to her newborn baby.

Dave shared all of the photos on his Facebook page.

The post garnered a lot of attention and praise from followers.

Many commenters wondered if the passengers had to use the earplugs.

It turns out that the baby was silent throughout the entire trip.

This mother has stolen the hearts of everyone who saw her kind gesture.