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Mom Secretly Films Dentist Treating Son’s Teeth When She Realizes Something Is Horribly Wrong

A dentist named Dr. Harold Schneider came under fire from many parents in Jacksonville, Florida two years ago. The parents who complained stated that their children were mistreated by the dentist. One girl had eight teeth removed even though she was supposed to have only one tooth pulled out.

The 78 year-old dentist had also used a papoose board to strap the children down instead of giving them some novocaine. A cell phone video which was recorded in secret showed a three-year-old child screaming when the dentist was working. After the dental session, many children would have missing teeth, bruises and scalpel wounds and they would be told not to tell their family about it. After facing multiple lawsuits and angry parents constantly bugging him at his office, Dr. Schneider decided to close his clinic in late 2015.

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