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Woman Bought 2 Walmart Goldfish And They Grew To Be Huge In Pond

According to, goldfish growth rates depend on the conditions they live in.

In fact, they can grow 50% or more in a week after hatching!

The five factors that affect how big a goldfish grows are the water conditions, temperature, the amount of space, the type of food, and their overall health.

You can walk into most pet stores and find goldfish available – they are low maintenance and popular pets.

walmat goldfish

Image Credit: TBR Feed / Twitter

Many of the goldfish sadly will die after just a few weeks because people don’t take good care of them.

If you take good care of your goldfish, it can live up to 40 years!

walmat goldfish

Image Credit: Queen V / Twitter

Reddit user TobiDaDog’s mother had purchased two goldfish from Walmart and put them in the family’s outdoor as a surprise.

Interestingly enough, she forgot all about them!

Several years later, her husband found the fish when he went to drain the pool as part of a maintenance routine.

Not only had the fish survived – they had thrived!

walmat goldfish

Image Credit: sad boi / Twitter

Scroll down to see the mammoth fish!

So, after they took the photos of the fish and cleaned the man-made pond, the two gigantic fish were returned to the pond and are doing well!

walmat goldfish

Image Credit: TobiDaDog / Reddit

If you are thinking about getting a goldfish, don’t just buy a fish bowl.

According to The Nest, a fish bowl isn’t an acceptable environment for goldfish because they don’t give the fish enough space to grow.

walmat goldfish

Image Credit: TobiDaDog / Reddit

Also, there isn’t enough filtration or aeration.

Be kind to animals, do your research and buy an appropriate size tank for your fish – then you can enjoy them for years!

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