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Mom And Dog Are Enjoying A Car Ride, But Things Change When Michael Jackson Starts Singing

This is your 45-second video of doggie joy for the day! The star of the video is Honey who just so happens to be a fan of Michael Jackson. Honey’s owner, Melissa Mourelatos is the co-star and provides some background vocals as Honey sings (or howls) along to “Will You Be There,” from the 1993 movie Free Willy.

Melissa sets up the camera and turns on the music – Honey takes it from there! She doesn’t miss a beat! The car ride karaoke video was then shared on the “I Love My Dog” Facebook group page. The page encourages people to share photos, videos, and stories about their dogs – and Melissa posted a great one! Check out the video and figure out a way you and your dog can post a photo or movie to the site!

Let us fill up the page with doggie love and joy! Share away, people!