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Mom Dials 911 With Two Guns In Her Hand. What She Asks Them Leaves Them Baffled

You have the right to defend yourself in this country – right? Well, yes, but how much force you use is maybe not as clear. The constitution says we have the right to bear arms – but, you do need to have a permit to own weapons. A teenage mother was faced with a situation most of us may never face. She called 911 for help.

Sarah McKinley was at home with her infant daughter when two men tried to break in. Sarah asked the 911 operator if it was okay for her to shoot the man if he made it through the door. Sarah was holding two weapons in her hands. The 911 operator, Diane Graham, told Sarah that she had to do whatever she could to protect herself and her baby. The police were dispatched.

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Moments after the call, the first man broke through the door, and Sarah shot and killed him.

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