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Mom Can No Longer Walk For Wedding Dance Then Groom’s Solution Has Everyone In Tears

The mother and son dance is a tradition at many weddings. When Luke was getting married, he knew that his mother, who suffers from ALS, would not be able to share in that special moment with him – but he had a plan! You will definitely need a tissue when you watch! Everyone in attendance was in tears.

Luke took his mom’s hand and led her to the dance floor, the music started to play, and soon they were dancing. Then Luke knelt down on the floor next to his mom and swayed with her to Mariah Carey’s song “Hero.” Luke’s bride said it was the most touching thing she has ever witnessed – and you are likely going to agree!

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Sadly, Luke’s mom passed away shortly after the wedding, but at she did get to share in her son’s wedding day, and Luke showed everyone just how much she meant to him!

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