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Mom Buys Old Teddy Bear From Garage Sale, Her Heart Drops When She Hears It Talk

Amaya, a six-year-old girl, got a new teddy bear from a neighbor’s garage sale. When she got home, the family dog accidentally stepped on the teddy bear, and the bear began to talk! What played was a recording from a soldier!

The soldier had been fighting in Afghanistan when he made the tape, and he was using the bear to wish his family a Merry Christmas! At the end of the message, he said that he would be seeing them soon and that he loves them.

Amaya let her mom, Amanda, hear the message and her heart sank. Amanda’s husband is a Marine, and she could understand the importance of this message. Amanda was determined to get the teddy bear back to its rightful owner! Unfortunately, the neighbors didn’t know where the bear had come from, so Amanda turned to social media.