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Mom Burns 9-Year-Old With Hot Iron As Punishment For One Unbelievable Thing (Photo)

I have said it once, I will say it again – some people should never be parents. This woman is a prime example. In Florida, Tamecha Jean, 32, has been charged with aggravated child abuse for burning her son. According to reports, earlier this year, Jean’s 9-year-old son forgot to take some papers with him to school so as punishment, Jean burned him – twice – on the chest with a hot iron. Twice.

mom tortures son

Image Credit: Broward Sheriff’s Office

As if that’s not cruel enough, while she was burning him, she was also hitting him with a belt. As a parent to a young child, you have some responsibility to make sure your child does what they are supposed to do.

mom tortures son

Image Credit: Pixabay

Jean put the blame all on her son’s shoulders – he forgot the papers and in her mind, permanently scarring him with a hot iron was an appropriate punishment. That isn’t a punishment for anything – anywhere.

It is cruelty. Of course, Jean is saying the iron touched him by accident. Right, it accidentally burned him two times. Because the crime was so violent Prosecutor Eric Linder asked for a $20,000 bond.

Tragically, the judge, Christopher Pole found out she didn’t have money for bail – so he let her go on her own recognizance and with an ankle monitor. I’m sorry, if she doesn’t have the money – she needs to stay in jail.

Until her trial, she can’t have any contact with her three children who are now in foster care and as you can imagine, the nine-year-old is afraid of her. There is no record of Jean ever abusing her children before.

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