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Woman Goes Blind After Parasitic Worm Got Stuck Behind Contact Lens

As anyone who has ever required spectacles will know intimately, having poor eyesight is a hassle.

The worse your eyesight is, the more unavoidable needing a pair of spectacles to see the world around you is!

They can be annoying as well, since they will easily slide down your nose (especially when performing physical activities) and will have to be regularly cleaned.

The worst part is that at some point, cleaning ceases helping too – inevitably the glass will soon gain so many micro scratches that your vision through the lens will always be a little unclear until you have them replaced.

Unfortunately, replacing them usually incurs a huge cost as well.

All this is a common inconvenience far too many are familiar with, with approximately 75 percent of adults in the U.S. alone use some sort of vision correction, according to the Vision Council of America.

Out of that number, 64 percent of individuals opt to stick to wearing spectacles, while the remaining 11 percent rely on contact lenses instead.

Considering just how much of a hassle wearing spectacles seem to be at a glance, it is no wonder these individuals rather rely on the convenience offered by contact lenses.

Since contact lenses are placed directly on your cornea, it removes the tethering you otherwise would have to a physical object.

You can then partake in numerous activities while freed from having to worry about your glasses sliding off your nose at any point.

This recent viral story, however, may beg you to reconsider that option.

Suzanne Dunne, a mother of two young children, recently shared her story of how she nearly lost her eyesight to a parasitic worm that had slipped under her contact lenses.

That night, she had gone to bed early, only to wake up randomly at 1am. It was then she found that everything was dark.

Initially, she had thought it was simply just a power cut, which was common in the region. However, she heeded her gut feelings anyway and crawled out of her bedroom.

There, she was discovered by her husband, who reacted with horror and immediately called for an ambulance to take her to Mater Hospital.

As it turned out, the worm was pushing out her eye from behind. Doctors worked tirelessly to kill the infection by pouring bleach into her eye every day for 16 days.

Then, they deaden the nerves so that the nerves could be cleaned and the eye saved.

Throughout this whole situation, Dunne was under a great deal of pain and had to be constantly put on morphine.

What had happened was that due to the warm weather in Ireland, a parasite that was normally found in Asia was active in the water in Dunne’s shower.

During warm weather conditions, the parasite becomes rampant and multiplies rapidly.

Four hours after getting behind the contact lens that went onto Dunne’s eye, it sprung into action.

Thankfully, Dunne’s eye was saved, although it will never be the same again.

In spite of her harrowing experience, she still intends to compete in the Dublin Marathon on October 28, and claims that the experience has made her more sympathetic with the disabled children she works with on a daily basis.