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Mom And Daughter Spend $86K On Plastic Surgery To Get Dream Look

Some people are not happy with how they look. You can go to the gym and sculpt your body and become lean and trim.

But, what if you aren’t happy with how your nose or chin looks? Well, if you have the extra cash laying around, you can get plastic surgery!

Georgina Clarke, 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 20, wanted to change their look.

plastic surgery

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They both wanted to look more like their favorite model, Katie Price. So, they spent over $86,000 to do it!

Annually, the two women spend approximately $8,000 on tanning studios!

plastic surgery

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The women both got botox, hair extensions, breast implants, cheek fillers, and lip injections.

plastic surgery

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When Kayla was 17, she began work as a stripper to earn the money she would need for the procedures.

An older man also helped provide her with $1,300 each week for companionship.

Clarke said she was happy that her daughter was willing to pay for her procedures!

Clarke claimed to not care about her daughter working as a stripper and having a sugar daddy.

I have no words for this. What kind of mother thinks that kind of life is acceptable for her daughter?!

When you look at their pictures and then see Katie Price – they don’t look anything like her!

Morris says she is happy to pay for her mother’s’ plastic surgery and is very happy with how they both look now.

Clarke and Morris are planning to have nose jobs, breast, and buttock implants done as soon as Kayla can raise the money.

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