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Model Who Wants World’s Biggest Bum Reveals How She Grew Six Foot Rear

Many people have dream body goals, and it’s not exactly unusual to see some choosing to go to relatively extreme lengths in order to achieve these goals.

These may include shocking diets, intense exercise, or plastic surgery. And sometimes, these desires can be taken a little too far.

Natasha Crown, a 24-year-old woman from Gothenburg, Sweden, has one main life goal: to break the record for world’s largest butt.

She’s already living an unhealthy lifestyle to achieve this, but the final step she needs to earn this title might threaten her life.

Natasha Crown/Instagram

Currently, Crown’s derriere measures a huge 84 inches in width.

Every single month, she stuffs herself with pizza and consumes approximately 13 pounds of Nutella in order to reach her body goals.

She now weighs 296 pounds and needs to put on 56 more so that she can undergo a procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift, which will bring the fat around her body to her behind.

Crown is not a stranger to plastic surgery.

At the age of 20, she underwent a cosmetic procedure for the first time, and this decision got her addicted.

Since then, she has undergone three butt lifts, a number of boob jobs, some lip fillers, and a litany of other procedures.

Natasha Crown/Instagram

According to Crown, she noticed her body changing when she was a teenager and loved it so much.

She admits that she may have body dysmorphia disorder, but she doesn’t consider herself that large.

She simply loves the feeling that comes with having a large butt, especially when she walks, and adds that it makes her feel powerful and sexy.

In fact, she goes as far as to say feeling her bum sway and jiggle can get her sexually aroused.

Her size has gained Crown quite a social media following, and she even earns money off of her looks.

Although she says she likely has more haters than fans, she has more than 150,000 Instagram followers and has a website where all her fans are.

She has made it a habit to ignore bad comments and focuses on those who support her.

Natasha Crown/Instagram

Crown’s parents and brother are actually very concerned for her, and they are worried because she has undergone so many surgeries already.

They even fret that she may die from her efforts to achieve her goals.

However, Crown wants everyone to know that she does exercise daily and that it isn’t all about eating.

She states that she feels healthy and needs to work out to maintain muscle in specific parts of her body.

With that being said, she is unable to run because she is too heavy to do so, and she cannot sleep on her back anymore due to its roundness.

Natasha Crown/Instagram

Crown says that the more weight she gains, the better her butt will be when she undergoes the procedure.

She is committed to doing whatever it takes to get that world record, even if it puts her life in danger.

You can take a look at Crown’s full interview with ITV below.

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