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While On Her Way To Work, Woman Snaps A Picture Of Sunrise. Then Notices Something Miraculous!

Every now and again we get a sign or a symbol that gives us hope. Michelle Loraff from Buchanan, Michigan is sharing a picture she took. Loraff was driving to work when she saw the sunrise that beats all other sunrises! She didn’t see the actual beauty and the hidden shape until she got to work.

There is a message in that sunrise for everyone – the rays of the sun shining through the clouds and giving us a radiant cross. Loraff shared the photo on Facebook and even sent it to a news station. Loraff assures us that the picture was not photoshopped in any way. People around the world have been able to strengthen their faith.

Take a look at this photo

sunrise photo

Image Credit: N/A

Other people are still skeptical. The choice is yours. You either believe, or you don’t. There is no reason why people have to spread doubt – if you can’t say something nice – hopefully, you know the rest of that line. Share away, people!