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Mini Horse Rescued After 6 Years Of Abuse Realizes She’s Reuniting With Her Son

Malta is a 17-year-old miniature pony who was separated from her son, Winky six years ago. The video below is a happy reunion between mother and son. The best thing about this story is that the kind folks at ROAR made the reunion possible! Winky was living at ROAR, which is an animal sanctuary in Australia. When the team at ROAR found out how abused and mistreated Malta was – they promised to rescue her.

Malta was in far worse shape than anyone had imagined. For years she had lived in the elements and had rain scald and worms. No one had bothered to give her proper dental or hoof care either. Once Malta was treated, she was taken to see her son. If you think animals don’t have feelings or can remember, then watch closely!

Take a look at this video

There is no doubt that Malta and Winky remember each other and are very glad to be back together!

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