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Mini Horse Gets Rescued After 6 Years Of Neglect, Then Realizes She’ll Finally See Her Son

Reunions are often heartwarming and fun! Malta and her son Winky, both miniature ponies have been apart for six years. Malta is 17 years old, and Winky is eight. Winky had been surrendered to an animal sanctuary in Australia called ROAR when his owners moved. At that point, ROAR found out about Malta and her living situation and decided to rescue her too!

Malta’s condition was worse than expected, she had rain scald on her skin, worms, and hadn’t had proper dental or hoof care. After Malta had recovered, ROAR was happy to reintroduce her to her Winky!

Watch the video below for a heartwarming reunion

It is clear that Winky remembers his mom even though he was taken from her when he was just two! It is a powerful reminder of how important parents are to children. ROAR will care for Malta for the rest of her life (and Winky too)! Share away, people!