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Military Dog Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Gets Tear-Filled Hero’s Farewell

We hear more and more about how military dogs are being given a funeral to honor their service. It seems only fair that the dogs who worked hard to ensure our freedom and the safety of their fellow officers get the same treatment as the soldiers themselves.

Corporal Jeff DeYoung was devastated to learn his former military partner, a dog named Cena, had cancer. The pair had served together in Afghanistan back in 2009 and Cena was later adopted by DeYoung.

Cena met DeYoung when the young Marine was only 19 years old. They had a strong bond and had been through alot together. Grab a tissue to watch how Cena was treated during his funeral. There were hundreds of mourners that came to honor Cena in Muskegon, Michigan.

It is touching and I’m sure it brought a tear to your eye. Rest in Peace, Cena. Share away, people.