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Mom’s Disgust After Her Confused Husband Uses Her Menstrual Cup To Measure Out Rice

Thanks to the awareness generated by the latest wave of feminism and the ease at which we can share things on social media, plenty of people have been taking to the internet to share about their stories and experiences as both a woman and a partner in a heterosexual relationship.

While the whole joke about men in the family being utterly useless in the kitchen is one that has spanned generations, the internet has successfully turned it into a meme.

This is probably for the best since now we are starting to see more guys pulling their weight in household chores!

This is not discounting the many husbands and dads out that prove themselves to be wonderful cooks and excellent housekeepers, but you can’t deny that is is still fun to poke fun and make some jokes at their expense.

Which is probably why Cindy Hobbs recently couldn’t help but share an experience that she thought was hilarious!

Facebook / Cindy Hobbs

Being female and a mother of three, Hobbs is no stranger to the types of feminine hygiene products available on the market and had personally opted to use a menstrual cup.

She was in the kitchen earlier that day when she had realized her toddler had gotten their hands on one of her clean menstrual cups.

She snatched it up and placed it out of her little one’s reach on the kitchen counter, next to the rice – and then promptly forgot about it.

As anyone who has dealt with toddlers will know, this is perfectly normal!

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Later, Hobbs’ husband took over the kitchen to make dinner for the family.

Hobbs’ claims that while she loves and adores her husband, he is absolutely terrible in the kitchen! Still, it is nice that he attempted to make dinner.

There just happens to be one problem, however – where did the clean menstrual cup go?

Wikimedia / Errikaboo

Being pretty busy herself, Hobbs didn’t think much about it until she opened up the rice bag the next day.

To her shock, there, lying on top of the dried rice, was her missing clean menstrual cup!

Facebook / Breastmilk Jewellery – Heart Infused Keepsakes

Obviously, there was only one thing to do in this situation – check with the last person who was near the rice. AKA, her husband.

She shoots off a quick text to him with a photo of the menstrual cup in the rice and asks him just what it was doing there.

Her husband innocently informs her that the instructions asked him to use 3 cups of rice, so that was what he used it for.

Facebook / Breastmilk Jewellery – Heart Infused Keepsakes

This, of course, lead to her being horrified and informing her that no, that was her menstrual cup!

It took him a bit, but her husband figured it out, in the end, was horrified at his own actions as well.

Facebook / Breastmilk Jewellery – Heart Infused Keepsakes

Luckily, the cup was already clean and dinner wasn’t ruined, so no harm done!

In fact, Hobbs found it so hilarious in hindsight, she decided she had to share it with friends on Facebook.

The post has since gone viral, much to her surprise!