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Men Go Fishing But They Never Expected To ‘Catch And Release’ A Deer (Video)

When you go fishing, you know you’ll return home with fishes, not a story about rescuing a deer! But that’s exactly what happened when Rob Kurdy and his friends went fishing in Long Island South. When they were out there, they noticed ‘something’ about six miles offshore. They couldn’t make out at first, but when they realized it was a buck swimming in circles, they had to step in to help.

Using a rope, they attached the poor shivering animal to the boat and helped tow him back to safety, but that wasn’t it. When they reached the shore, Kurdy immediately jumped into the water and pulled the deer out all by himself! The buck, who was definitely thankful, took several hours to forget the trauma before being able to stand up and walk away.

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I bet the buck would think twice before inching close to water bodies, but this time, Rob and his friends were there for him when he needed help.

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