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Kia Called This Celebrity To Help Save The Planet. Now The Entire World Is Laughing!

The Super Bowl is here! Are you ready? Do you know who is playing in the Super Bowl? I will confess, I only know that the Atlanta Falcons are in it because I live in Atlanta! I am not a big football fan. I do however love the ads that come out each year, and I am looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga’s halftime show. Kia has their new ad ready to go.

It features Melissa McCarthy, and she has been tasked with helping to save the planet. But, Melissa soon finds out that being an eco-warrior is not an easy thing! Melissa starts off very enthusiastic and then when she finds out that the rhinos’ need help she is a little less enthusiastic – but she does her best to help! Check out this hilarious ad and share it with your friends.

Take a look at this video!

Have fun watching the game and remember to drink responsibly. Share away, people!