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Stranger Surprises Mother With New Car After Son With PTSD Killed Himself

Daniel Nunuz, a Marine veteran, took his own life.

He left behind his mother, Ernestina Nunuz.

One year after Daniel’s death, Ernestina was at her lowest point and felt like there was nothing else to live for.

Ernestina works as a janitor and walks to her job every day.

Each day, carrying her heavy bags, she passes Spooner’s Tires and Auto Shop located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The shop owner, Richard Newberry, saw her walking back and forth every day and decided to talk to her one day.

After learning her story, Richard decided to give her a gift that gave Ernestina hope and happiness – two things she hadn’t been able to experience since her son’s death.

Watch the video below to see what Richard did and how Ernestina reacted to this simple act of (random) kindness.

Take a look at this video

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