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Kind Stranger Dies 24 Hours After Paying $200 Grocery Bill Of Struggling Mother

This is the story of Matthew Jackson, and his simple act of kindness shown to a woman in need named Jamie-Lynne Knighten.

She was shopping with her 5-month-old son at Trader Joe’s back in November 2015 when they first met.

Jamie’s credit card was declined due to the recent usage overseas, thus her bank has blocked all incoming transactions – much to her dismay.

At the same time, her son started to wail and cry.

Jamie panicked and asked if her groceries could be put aside.

However, a young man named Jackson from right behind her jumped in and offered to pay her grocery bill on her behalf.

The amount was over $200 in total, which stunned and surprised Jamie.

Jamie wanted to pay Jackson back, but he politely refused – he just wanted to help someone out of pure kindness.

Jamie was extremely touched, and wanted to stay in contact with him.

The two exchanged phone numbers – and one day, Jamie wanted to reach out to Jackson, but no one answered.

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She recalled Jackson telling her that he worked at a gym called LA Fitness. Jamie rang the management up and asked for Jackson.

However, Jackson’s manager told her that he had passed away after a tragic collision with a tree – just a day after they met.

Jamie was saddened by his death, and went on to start a foundation with his name to honor him.

Watch the video below!

Rest in peace, Jackson.

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