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This Math Question Is Meant For Kids, But It’s Going Viral Because No One Knows The Answer

There are some questions that adults should be able to answer – I mean we all went to elementary school and learned basic math skills, right? Some of us even went to college and took calculus (yuck)! Well, the question below comes to us from a second-grade math book.

Honestly, I can’t remember math problems being quite the head scratcher this question has turned out to be. I never did like word problems in the first place. Many people who have read this question think it is a trick question.

Take a look at this question

math question

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The suggested answer is 65. I am not so sure is it a trick question, but it certainly is tricky! But, they always say to go with your first answer (never a good idea to change your answer on a test)! So, I am going with 65 – what do you think? Share this puzzling challenge with your friends!