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Massive Shark Jumps On To Boat And Terrorizes Fishermen – Then They Begin To Help Him

The last thing you ever expect to have happen when you go fishing is for the fish to just jump willingly onto the boat! But, some fisherman of Long Island, New York were actually terrified when a huge Mako shark did just that! The shark jumped out of the water and landed on deck! Mako sharks are known for jumping out of the water – but landing on a boat?!

This particular shark ended up getting stuck under the railing of the boat, and the fisherman had to devise a plan to get the powerful animal free. But, how do you do that without getting hurt?! As you will see the shark realizes his predicament and is thrashing about to try and free himself. The poor animal bloodies his mouth trying to wiggle free.

Watch the video to see how the fisherman get the shark out!

This clip looks like it came straight from a movie! I don’t know what I would’ve done if I was there at that time, but I’m happy the shark is finally free! Share away, people.