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Massive Leopard Is Taking A Nap, But Watch When A Human Reaches His Hands Up To His Face

Leopards have been known to be solitary creatures – they are extremely unpredictable, especially when in contact with humanity. But one leopard is different from the others – meet Voodoo, a rescued African spotted leopard.

Voodoo came to Cedar Cove when he was only 5 months old – he was a house pet prior to his rescue. When he was 3-months-old, a private couple bought Voodoo from a mystery breeder to live in-house with their two rottweilers. He was declawed, but proved too rough and aggressive to handle. It was then he was surrendered to William Pottorff from Cedar Cove, where he still resides today!

Click to watch the video below!

isn’t he such a precious thing?

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