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Massive Fluffy Kitten Grows Up Hugging His Human Whenever He Can (Photos)

Sometimes you just need a hug. A hug can make you feel safe, loved, and it helps put all your ‘pieces’ back together. There are a variety of types of hugs too, like the bear hug, the sleep hug, the polite hug, and the one-armed awkward hug!

Humans are not the only ones who like to be hugged. This handsome fellow, Tihon, you see here loves hugs too!

Tihon was rescued when he was six months old and doesn’t miss an opportunity to hug his human! Tihon is a Maine Coon who loves to sit in his mom’s arms.

Tihon will follow his momma around the house too! As you may know, Maine Coon’s are larger than your average house cat – they are known as gentle giants!

“Tiho,” in Russian means quiet – and that is how Tihon got his name, he is a quiet boy who loves to purr.