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Mascot Taunts Security Guard, But Wasn’t Prepared For Hilarious Dance Off That Was To Follow

Security guards are usually pretty intimidating, and most of us wouldn’t want to mess with them. It takes someone with a lot of guts to try and pick on a guard, especially one in the middle of a job, but I suppose it helps when you’re dressed in a big funny costume!

At a baseball game where the Houston Astros team was playing, their mascot, Orbit, had a stroke of bravery. The bright green alien from space decided to pester a security guard on duty at the game, for no reason other than for laughs! A break in between innings proved to be the perfect time for that stunt.

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The song Slave To The Rhythm by Michael Jackson was playing over the stadium speakers and Orbit was grooving to that beat. He began to follow the guard around, taunting him with pelvic thrusts and hilarious moves! The clearly annoyed guard tried to ignore him, but something finally snapped, and this happened – and it’s not something anyone could have expected!

The guard pushed Orbit, forcing him off of him, and then decided to take the repeated dancing movements as a challenge – to a dance battle! Before long, the guard was showing off a talent no one would have expected of someone who looked so frightening and was keeping thousands of people in order.

Image Credit: N/A

You’ll be shocked and amazed when you see this security guard’s shimmying, cartwheels splits, and Michael Jackson-style moves pulled off with impressive grace and skill! Check out this video and see for yourself!

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