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There can be some horribly disgusting people out there among society, on the prowl for even more victims.

You would assume that such scum of society would be kept safely behind bars as soon as possible so they could be rehabilitated and taught to see the error of their ways, but apparently that doesn’t happen as fast as we would like it to.

Instead, far too many of them manage to slip through the grasp of the law, and without rehabilitation or the like, go on to inflict even more damage to unwitting innocents.

Just a few days before Christmas, a man who was already a familiar with Baton Rouge’s police department for a crime he committed last year has once again been hunted down by police officers for yet another crime.

And this isn’t the first time he’s been demanded to stand before the court.

Previous court records showed that 49-year-old Mark “Fergie” Ferguson, a Baton Rouge native, had already undergone arrests for crimes such as indecent behaviour with a minor and has already been convicted for assisting and enabling a juvenile’s delinquency.

His last stint behind Baton Rouge bars was sometime in May of 2017, where he was originally arrested for raping an 11-year-old girl.

It was a crime where he was charged with first-degree rape, after forcing himself on the child when she was swimming at his house about two years ago.

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office

You would assume that most people awaiting their court trial would attempt to keep a low profile and try not to stir up any further trouble.

After all, the goal most people would have at this point is to try getting themselves declared innocent, or receive as light a sentence as possible.

As it turns out, Ferguson seems to be unable to not only comprehend what the word “consent” means, but is also seemingly eager to dig himself into further trouble.

This man has found himself once again behind bars with yet another rape charge, this time with a woman that he had picked up as a date through the online dating app, Tinder.

Information derived from the arrest warrant for Ferguson states that he had first met the victim via Tinder in August.

Later, when they were in person on October 10, Ferguson attempted to kiss the victim, who had pulled away from him.

Ferguson had then allegedly slapped the victim’s face and forced her into bed, where he then raped the woman while ignoring her clear statements of “no” and her screaming.


Once again, Ferguson is seeing the world from behind a cell in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, where he has been booked in on yet another charge of first-degree rape.

Considering how he has yet to go to trial for the first rape charge he is still facing, this additional first-degree rape atop his previous pedophilic behavior will likely not endear him to the members of the jury.

Hopefully justice will finally see that this monster is put permanently behind bars, where he will serve his time.

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