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Nerve-Wrecking Footage Reveals Why This Marine Animal Is The Master Of Camouflage

Being able to hide from your predators is a valuable skill in the wild. If you are easily seen, you don’t really have much chance of surviving. Many animals have coats that allow them to blend in easily with their surroundings. Like the snow hare. Their white coat makes it hard for their predators to find them.

In the video below, we meet another creature that has the skills necessary for survival. The video is from David Gallo, and it features an octopus. The octopus can actually change the texture of its skin to blend in! The color changes are incredible too! The snow hare (and chameleon) have nothing on this octopus! Prepare to be amazed!

Take a look at this video!

I was not prepared for where the octopus was hiding. Clever creature, hid in plain sight!

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