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Rescuers Rescue Stray Dog With A Broken Jaw After She Was Kicked In The Face

Look closely at this dog – at her face. This is Mara, and yes, her jaw is dislocated and badly broken. Mara was found in Karditsa, Greece by a good Samaritan. Obviously, Mara was having trouble eating and was in terrific pain. The woman who found her called a local animal rescue called Diasozo.

dog with a broken jaw

Image Credit: PAWsitive

The surgery to fix Mara’s jaw went well. She has to wear the cone until her jaw is healed more. But, the good news is that she is on her way. Watch the video below to see her eating! She will have to eat liquid foods until her jaw is fully healed. The video isn’t for everyone. The first part is very hard to watch.

Take a look at this video

You can tell Mara was in extreme pain. But her smile and wagging tail at the end made me feel better! Share away, people.