Man’s Cat Made A Mess Outside The Litterbox So He Slammed The Cat To Death

Image Credit: yousignanimals

In October 2015, A cat was killed by its owner in Merrill, Wisconsin for not using his litter box properly. Yes, this is a true story. David Brandenburg, 25, decided to teach his cat a lesson for not pooping in the right place! First, Brandenburg slammed the poor cat against the door and knocked the cat unconscious.

Then he just left the cat there to die a slow and agonizing death. After the cat had passed, Brandenburg put the body in a plastic bag and left it in some bushes behind his apartment building. Brandenburg was arrested and admitted to killing the cat. Tragically, he was only charged with mistreatment of an animal, which is a misdemeanor.

Take a look at this monster

cat killed
Image Credit: yousignanimals

In my opinion, this was murder, and the charges should be more than misdemeanors. I hope that this cruel man never owns another pet, it will likely have the same results. Share away, people.