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‘In Jesus’ Name We Pray:’ Chick-fil-A Manager Rally With Viral Prayer For Co-Worker With Cancer

With the recent fire, Amazon is under for its horrendous treatment of its employees, especially in that of warehouses, company principles and the valuation of its human resources have been called into question once more.

This is not the only incident either – after hundreds of employees walked out of Google in protest over the company helping the Pentagon to build AI for drones, Google quietly dropped its famous “Don’t Be Evil” clause from its code of conduct.

Considering just how powerful the tech company is, any skepticism you might have once held over the company’s willingness to stick to that clause may have now been replaced with fear.

The clause may have realistically held no power in the way the company conducted itself, but now that it is gone the potential of the tech giant to do harm is scarier than ever.

This sort of behavior, sadly, seems to be the norm – especially with industry giants.

So when a company elects to stick to the values it has laid out, it is definitely an outlier worth noting.

Such is the case with Chick-Fil-A, a fast food restaurant chain that is well known for its religious values and its stand and associations with other companies that are against the LGBT movement as a result of its values.

This integration of the brand’s religious views even extends to allowing employees to take the day off on Sundays to spend time with family in accordance with the company’s religious beliefs.

According to a recent viral video, it seems to be that this adherence to the company’s religious values goes down the employee chain of command as well.

In the said viral video, both customers and employees alike are seen taking a moment to pray in a Chick-A-Fil outlet in North Carolina.

What had happened was that one of the outlet’s employees, an unknown person only identified as Ms. Trish, was undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

In the best interests of Ms. Trish, the branch’s manager asked both present employees and customers alike to take a moment of their day to pray for Ms. Trish.

The intention was to ask God to watch over Ms. Trish as she underwent her surgery, and to oversee her safe recovery.

This request was a completely voluntary behavior, and was to be done out of the goodness of their hearts – there was no monetary or goodly initiative involved in this action.

Nevertheless, the response was overwhelmingly positive – just about the entire restaurant fell silent in prayer or in respect, with nearly all the employees and customers bowing their heads.

Even those who were already seated and tucked into their meals decided to do the same.

As captured on video, it made for an incredibly poignant scene.

In the prayer, the manager first spoke about how wonderful Ms. Trish is, and how much she was appreciated by those around her.

She was described as a light and beloved by the community.

He then later ended the prayer with a request that the surgeons had steady hands and clear minds during the operation.

All in all, it was a truly a heartwarming moment of solidarity.