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Man Who Was Driving Down An Empty Road Wasn’t Expecting To Pull Over. Then He Spots 2 Shadows

Ready for a good road trip? Jordan Kahana took one last November, and it turned out to be a very memorable trip. Jordans adventure began in Los Angeles, and it took him to Arizona. He was on his way to the Grand Canyon. As he was driving down a lonely stretch of highway, he saw something in the distance.

He got closer and saw that there were two puppies in the middle of the road! He grabbed his camera and started recording. The two pups were only about 8-weeks-old and Jordan scooped them both up at took them to the nearest vet. It makes you wonder how two puppies ended up on the road like that… did someone dump them out there to die?

Take a look at this video

Thankfully, Jordan drove by and got those puppies off the road. He also adopted them – BOOM, instant family! Share away, people.